Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Great RSS Feed Icon Generator

I have yet to try this out, but it looks great -- create a nice looking RSS Feed icon for your blog with this tool

RSS Feed Icon Generator

Here's a new smashup that generates a RSS feed icon. Choose the color scheme, size, and whether you want a drop shadow and glassy effect. This is the standard web icon used on websites and blogs to show users how to subscribe to receive the latest content. RSS feeds make it easy to stay up to date on the latest stories and articles from your favorite blog or website. Read more about what RSS feeds are and how to use them here.

Feel free to use any of the feed icons that you generate here on your website or blog so that users know how to subscribe. Here's an earlier post about how to use smashups on your own website. How To Use These Graphics On Your Website

Try it out. Simply click "Create" to make a new RSS feed image that looks like this:

Custom RSS Feed Icon

If you need a smaller button, just decrease the size. For example, here's what the icon looks like with size=60:

Custom RSS Feed Icon
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